Why I Won’t Give Into “That Thing”

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Have you noticed how quickly something can become a hot trend, some new toy? Especially with kids! And it seems kids pick up on how popular something is no matter how much or how little exposure to “that thing” they have. I can’t say that I am surprised really. Kids are like sponges. They see a toy’s commercial a few times and they just have to have it, Mommy!

In fact, I think back and recall that Hatchimal trend that went around. All I remember thinking when my kids all jumped at trying to persuade me to buy it was “you want to care for and hatch a fake bird?” All I could respond with was “we will see.” As time went on they talked about this thing more and more; at times begging me for one. Disregarding the cost and difficulty in locating one, my answer quickly became a big NO due to this growing obsession my kids were developing. Sure I had pouty children! Broken hearts, no matter how many times I explained that there were more important things than “that thing”.

Lately the new thing is the Fidget Spinner. These things are everywhere, I mean absolutely EVERYWHERE. Even the drive by ice cream man was selling them! Now all four of my kids are asking for one every time they see this thing and my answer has quickly become a NO!

Honestly, of all the big hit toys that have come and gone, this one really bothers me. You see, this device was originally designed with a purpose. It was to help those experiencing extreme stress to be able to fidget and focus. It was especially meant to help those with disorders such as ADHA, Autism, Anxiety, etc.

Sounds good right? Well, it was originally. I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about buying one for my son. Although we have not taken him to receive any diagnosis, I believe he may be near the spectrum. His concentration and amount of fidgeting can be incredibly excessive sometimes. It has been challenging. I have scoured the internet for ways to help him stay focused during our lessons. Another thing I see often is the medicine ball-chair; so that the child can move around at the desk while working. This is supposed to allow the child to channel energy into the ball as needed and therefore focus and complete work.

That is what the fidget spinner was meant to do and I think that the idea and execution were great. However, I think the marketing went in the wrong direction. So in this case, I refuse to buy a device that has turned into another trend… a toy at this point.

Today, however, was just like any other when we come across one. We were shopping at our local outdoor supply store when at the register my daughter saw a bin full of Fidget Spinners for sale. UGH! I already knew what was coming. Sure enough, I was asked greatly for one by my eldest daughter. Instead of saying no the words “why do you want this so bad?” came out. The response I got was:

“It helps you concentrate”

Really? It helps you concentrate! I couldn’t believe the innocent ignorance in that statement. I couldn’t, for the life of me, think of a time when this daughter of mine had a hard time concentrating! However, trying to explain to your child the original concept of a fidget spinner, why I refuse to buy this particular “thing”, and being in line attempting to pay do not mix well. So I dropped the topic.

I have been thinking about this incident all day now and honestly have become quite bothered by the response I received from my daughter earlier. It has solidified my reasoning for not giving even a dollar to this toy. At what point did my daughter feel like it is only because of this toy she would be able to concentrate properly? Is she having doubts about the quality of her work? In herself? Does she feel not smart enough because “with this toy it will help me concentrate?”

So at this point I may be off on a personal rant, but it is because of this that I will definitely not be giving in to this new craze. There is so much more for children to get caught up in instead of a toy or a trend. God has given us the world to explore, enjoy, and even study so why should we give in to the worldly focus of these things.

(Exploring far & wild)

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t always say no to my children; especially when they ask for something. It really just depends on what that something is and why they want it. I have tried over the years to instill in my children not to “follow the trend”.

Okay, not in those words! But it just goes back to the phrase I hear so often from my kids: “well so-and-so did it”. That is one phrase that drives me absolutely nuts! My response is always the same “well if so-and-so jumped off the roof would you?” It is the same thing with them wanting something just because “everyone wants it”.

So in order to keep this lesson going, I never give into “that thing”.

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41 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Give Into “That Thing”

  1. Love your writing style! Every parent’s struggle! My husband and I also don’t fall into the trend trap just because its trending. But if something seems cool we will check it out. It’s not off the table because it is or is not trending. So its about checking the usefulness versus the price. My daughter (4yrs) saw Fidget Spinners all over. Some were about a 100 bucks (South African 100 rands). And we refused to get it, shiny or glittery or not. We were not paying that for something you pop on your finger and spin. Concentration or helping with ADD my foot. Then my hubby got one for 30 rand. My daughter was ecstatic! But the fad wore off quickly and it became something she added to the little bags she played with. I even found it in her Dora the Explorer doll’s bag!

    1. That is an outrageous price! Part of why we avoid trendy things, at times. Aren’t husbands the ‘worst’ lol. Mine is the one who gave in as well. I still find those fidget spinners once and awhile in places they don’t belong. The interest only lasts so long.

  2. I have to admit I’ve bought “that thing” a few times and it’s never “that hot” for long. Yes to getting out and experiencing life instead!

    1. The excitement never lasts long at all. I find that many toys don’t hold up to the ‘love’ of my kids for long.

  3. My little is super young now but I imagine my time is coming. Of course, I want her to have everything her heart desires but I know everything is not good for her. I think it also helps to recognize and appreciate the purpose of little gadgets and not underappreciate them by commercializing their utility. Great post, thanks for sharing!

    1. Amanda, it is very difficult not to give our little beauties everything. It is definitely a lesson in time for everyone.

  4. I have always been against what is popular… ok not as a kid or teen but as an adult. I seriously refused to watch Frozen for yrs because everyone liked it. Finally my mom got me to watch it and I liked it SHHHHH lol! But I tend to avoid trends and the new hype lol

    1. Frozen was something my kids never took to. I was obsessed with that movie too, very odd because I am not one to jump on new trends.

  5. I remember a recent event at home. My little sister is asking for fidget, by my Mom doesnt like it. So she made a bargain agreement – fidget or books.
    My Mom wins, she chose books 🙂

  6. The fidget spinners are indeed popular but I could never figure out why myself. I have ADHD and frankly don’t see how this would help me at all. I think you are right in not giving into this new trend because it has no purpose in my eyes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. I totally agree with you.. fidget spinner, hatchimals, and other trending stuff for youngster should really be under the supervision and approval of the parents.. not all “IN” stuff are good mentally to our kids.

  8. My daughter informed me that she was the only one in 2nd grade without a fidget spinner. I was unimpressed with her plight. However, she did get one for her birthday recently so I guess she’s been saved.

  9. I completely agree! I refused to buy Hatchimals and fidget spinners. It’s ridiculous! However, their grandparents gave in and they ended up with fidget spinners.

    1. Grandparents… always spoiling children to the fullest lol. I remember the craze of those Hatchimals; people searching everywhere and paying ridiculous amounts. I always told my kids I would buy them a real egg to hatch and take care of – my husband wasn’t big on that idea either, Haha.

  10. They’re ridiculous & glad my kids are grown. Reminds me of the pet rocks but then you could go find yourself a rock for free … and my older son did collect them for a while.

    1. My kids told me that people now do tricks with them. I am not sure how really since it just spins. But I am happy to hear that something creative did come out of them.

    1. You know, I never thought about the safety hazard with some of the styles until you mentioned it. I have seen many young kids with them. With as much as kids love to take things apart, that would have been a good disclosure on this item.

  11. it amazes me how sometimes toys which are built with a purpose can suddenly take off so much. I can definitely understand why some people don’t want to give into buying one.

    1. It is a shame, I am sure the inventor enjoyed the profit, but I always think that maybe the “right” thing to do would have been to promote what it was meant for. Genious idea though.

  12. That fidget was really a trend, I honestly wanted one but good thing I didn’t buy it. I understand your point and I agree that not all trend should be followed.

    1. I considered it for awhile but then thought yoyos would be much “cooler” and fun… No one else was thrilled by that idea.

    1. I saw a grown man once playing with one in line at the grocery store. Maybe he needed it, maybe not… I just had never seen a grown person with one. I’ll admit, I had a little laugh when my kids stated that they thought it was a kid’s toy.

  13. I am right there with you. trendy toys drive me nuts. Every time I see a fidget spinner I want to run it over with my car. lol. I think you’re absolutely right. The only thing I can’t quite control is what grandma and aunts and uncles buy.

    1. Ohhh grandma is the worst (but in an oh, so loving way) lol. I think that’s why the kids always love those visits the most.

  14. Thankfully my little girl is still too young to ask for “That thing.” I dread the day she wants Santa to bring her a “hot” item for Christmas. Right now I think I have the problem of buying so many toys for her because she “needs” them. 🙂

    1. But Mommy, Santa brings all the “hot” items, lol.
      Right now my husband feels our kids “need” a bunch of toys. I wonder if they are for them or him!

  15. That thing! I lovve it.
    For me as an adult woman – i detest chokers especually thin ones ???
    And i find it amazibg how a trend permeates and its everywhere. Even my local grocers – tiny lil store – had those darn fidget spinners. Thank God my boy is still too young.

    1. I remember those little plastic chokers. They really were every where. I am always amazed by how quickly 1 thing, anything, can become a hit.

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