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Welcome To Our Adventure- Start Here

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Hello & welcome to our adventure!

I am very excited to launch my new blog, Life & Lovely Chaos today and look forward to this amazing journey with you all.

For many years now I have considered starting a blog and after much contemplation, I have decided to jump in and do it! There is so much that I know I can share with you all and that many of you will benefit from. Of course my favorite thing of all to share are all of my recipes. I am a huge food lover- I love to cook, eat, and talk FOOD! So I am sure there will be plenty for us to connect with there.

Getting to know each of you is my personal goal, so I look forward to all my subscriber emails, questions, and even input; because as I said- this is OUR adventure and I want you to get the best bit of information and enjoyment from reading as I have been with writing.

*Only subscribers will receive my cute & convenient grocery checklist with instructions.

I am sure by now many have already taken a peek at my about me and so I won’t continue on about my chaotic life and goals.

What I can tell you is that I have so much planned for you all and hope you come visit every Wednesday for my newly published posts.

So once again, I would like to welcome you to Life & Lovely Chaos and encourage you to follow me on IG & Facebook. And for now, I would like to share with you a bit about why I decided to begin blogging.

Why I Chose To Blog

1- Help Someone

This is very important to in my heart. I love helping others and I teach my kids to always help others. Whether it be for something serious or just something fun; connecting with others and being a true friend, someone whom people can reach out to, is someone I strive to be. I believe that everyone has something to say that can benefit someone else. So if I could write something that helped even just ONE person, then this whole journey would be a success.

2- I Could Use More Interacting With Adults

I homeschool, care for my husband, and go to school online… so it is safe to say that I keep quite busy in my own little bubble here at home. But I do love to get out and interact with others- especially mothers & other women. I love to share recipes and tips survival skills in all of these areas. However, being the busy mom that I am this doesn’t happen much. Plus, since we moved so much in our past, my friends are scattered so social media is my go-to for communication. Blogging gives me an outlet to meet more friends to share life, chaos, and food with.

3- Do Something New

As mothers, don’t we want our children to try new things? Don’t we push them to step past their comfort zones? Well, me and technology don’t mix- the same with me and writing. But how can I teach my children something and not model it? Already from this journey I have learned a whole new technology language, I have designed a website (altered and adjusted is more like it, but still you get the idea), I have also begun writing every day. I can now look at my children and tell them that there is never excuse not to jump into something new and try it. It also shows them that the things you want most take hard work, dedication, and persistence!

4- Everything Food

Yes, that about covers it. I’ll share mine and you can share yours!

5- The Sky Is The Limit

If I sat here and told you that I set out blogging purely for a hobby I would be lying. ALthough making money is not my focus or main reasoning for this journey, it is a plus. The sky is the limit! There are so many possibilities and I can’t even tell you where I want my blog to take me or where I will go next. I have ideas, I have goals, but mostly I have the possibility to do something- for you, for me, for whatever is possible. This “market” is so flexible that I am not sure which path I will go down, but that is an excitement all in its own.

And so it begins….

A fun filled, crazy adventure!

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