So You Want To Start A Lifestyle Blog- Here’s Why You Should!

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Has the thought of starting a Lifestyle Blog crossed your mind? There are so many reasons, benefits, and growth opportunities for blogging and running this type of blog opens up the doors for a wide range of possibilities. But maybe you aren’t sure if it is something that will fit into your life and schedule. Or maybe the thought of everything that comes with running a blog has you constantly doubting making the jump. Stop right there! So you want to start a lifestyle blog- Here’s why you should!

Tips from a woman with a lifestyle blog

Lifestyle Blogger at work

Share your knowledge

Everyone is an expert at something. Even if you do not feel like you are, there is information and advice that you have that someone out there will benefit from. With a lifestyle blog opening so many options within the niche, your opportunities to share your wealth of knowledge is endless. Let me ask you this- what are you good at? What do people ask you about? Most importantly, what do you love? These are the questions that will lead you into a direction of discovering what makes YOU an expert!

Maybe it feels like you won’t always to know what to write. Or maybe you are not a fan of writing. Do not let small things like these discourage you. The more you write, the easier it becomes. And the more you let your expert show, the topics and posts begin to roll out. One of the worst things that you can do is live in your head when the negative voice speaks.

Do something new

In life, we each need something that we are working for and that we love. This isn’t always easy to do. But starting a lifestyle blog gives you the opportunity to do something new. It forces you to explore a world of things that you maybe don’t have any experience or knowledge with. It truly is a growing experience that forces you to focus on your goals, your dreams, and push past your comfort zones.

For instance, me and technology don’t mix. And when I started blogging, I was not a fan of writing at all. But, as a mother, I fell back on my reasoning. How can I teach my children something and not model it? Already from this journey, I have learned a whole new set of technology language & skills. I designed a website and began forcing myself to write something every day until it became normal. I can now look at my children and myself, and say there is never an excuse to not jump into something new and try it.

It’s like therapy

A lifestyle blog allows you not just the opportunity, but an outlet to talk about what is important to you. It is a place to share your views, your emotions, and your thoughts about many different things. It is like therapy without having to be face to face with someone. The best part is, there are times when blogging will force you to examine yourself & what really matters. If you lead an already busy life, being short on time will require you to really look at what you want to work towards and establish a clear plan on how you can accomplish it. Blogging helps define and grow a sense of self and direction.

A whole new group of friends

The support in the blogging community is incredible and endless. Running a lifestyle blog gives you even more of an opportunity to connect with a wide variety of people. Many will be fellow lifestyle bloggers, others specializing in niches you write about, and some will blog about a completely different subject. However, there is always something to learn and this wonderful community is not hesitant to share their wealth of knowledge. The more you network online, you soon discover that you have a whole new tribe there to support you and your endeavors.

The possibilities are endless

Most bloggers you talk to will tell you they had a beginning reason to blog and eventually that evolved into something else. Many wanted to be a hobby blogger and share their stories and knowledge. Others wanted to monetize & turn their blog into a business. There are options to make printables, e-courses, sell your own product, or take the route of an influencer. This lifestyle blog market is so flexible and offers endless possibilities for your growth as a person, blogger, or business owner. Most importantly, you have the possibility to do something for yourself, for others, and for whatever road you set ahead in your journey.


I highly encourage you to to make the jump and start a lifestyle blog if it is something that has crossed your mind; especially now that you have read these 5 reasons why you should. The resources out there are endless to get your journey started! I would love to help you on your road to success.

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Start A Lifestyle Blog
Start A Lifestyle Blog

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