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Parenthood Doesn’t Mean Giving Up Your Adventure

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Being a parent has been the greatest achievement of my life. To be able to grow a life and then be there for every milestone, every step of the beginning of their journey… I am pretty sure that there is nothing that will ever compare to every feeling this journey has brought about. For the past 10 years my focus has been on being the absolute best mother that I could be. And while I do not regret this one bit, especially when I look at the beautiful beings that I have created, I have realized that at 30 years old, I have somewhat lost myself. It has taken me some time, but with my children growing a little older, I have grown to understand that Parenthood Doesn’t Mean Giving Up On My Adventure.

G Family on Eye of God

Someone recently said: “Tell me about YOU”

That’s when it hit me, I don’t really know ME! I spent so much time and effort trying to be the prefect mom and the perfect wife, that somewhere along the line I put myself aside. So aside that I began feeling a bit lost. Lost when I thought about my dreams and goals. I felt a bit like I was just floating on, doing the day-to-day, but working on a life for everyone else. I had this eye opening moment recently. The kids had destroyed the room I had just cleaned and were just driving me insane. I was honestly about to lose my mind. But I remembered that one day, before I knew it, there wouldn’t be a mess. There wouldn’t be laughter and toys and all of the beautiful chaos that comes with parenthood one day.

And then I thought…

What am I going to do when they are gone? In that moment, I realized that I had focused so much on growing my children that there would be nothing left once my children had begun their own lives. Okay, yes I would still have my husband, but everything my world currently revolved around would one day not be there. It was a terrifying thought because I asked myself: “Who are you? What do you want in life?” And I had no answers. So I started thinking and I realized that if I didn’t begin deciding on myself now, on things that I inspired to do NOW, then in 10 years when the last of my beauties had moved on I might feel even more lost about my own dreams and goals.

Hiking trabuco

So I began a bucket list.

Something that I could look back on, whether I complete or not, and say “I wanted that! This is me and what I want”. A list, that was purely ME and all of my crazy desires.

Small Goals:

  • Get back to running (without the Mister having to push me- literally)
  • Routinely do Pilates for 20 minutes every morning.
  • Drink twice as much water daily.
  • Complete a book.

Big Goals:

  • Hike the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • Find the Cabin in the Sky, Big Bear, CA.
  • Complete a BA in Holistic Health Consulting.
  • Become a Registered Aromatherapist.
  • Buy a home & build a farm.

Arizona Goals:

  • Havasupai Falls- I need to hike this and soon!
  • Hike the Salt River to Cibecue Falls.
  • Slide down the natural rocks slides in Sedona.
  • Visit the Antelope Canyon.
  • Make a trip to the 4 Corners Monument.
  • Walk through the Coconino Lava River Cave.
  • Visit the Apache Death Caves.
  • Hike through the Kartchner Caverns.
  • Road trip to the ghost town of Jerome.
  • Explore the Cinder Lake Crater Field.
  • Hike to the B-24 Crash site.
  • Pay our respect at the Anthem Veteran’s Memorial on Veteran’s Day.
  • Watch bats at the Phoenix Bat Cave.
  • Find the most beautiful hike in Arizona.

I am sure this list will forever be growing. Follow along as I complete my bucket list and read about all of my adventures and how I completed my goals.

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Having a bucket list doesn’t necessarily mean that your goals have to be extreme. It can be something small; as long as it matter to your heart. Being a mom, although rewarding, is tough stuff. Which I am sure you already know! You give so much of you and so much of your life raising the beautiful humans you created. And I am sure, if you are anything like me, they come before everything else- even yourself.

I encourage you to take the time and begin a list; a list of everything you dream of. Whether it be small or absolutely crazy, write it down. Find yourself and nurture your own being. Not only will this bring a bit of you back, but it will teach your children that although life may get demanding at times, there is always a reason to strive for the things you dream of. Remember, parenthood doesn’t mean giving up YOUR adventure!

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