Educational Thoughts

6 Things To Know When Considering Homeschool

If someone would have asked me four years ago if I would ever choose to homeschool my children, I would have gasped in horror at the thought of such a crazy responsibility. Considering homeschool just was not an option. How could I provide my children with an adequate education when I barely got through school myself? What if I failed, what if they had questions that I couldn’t give an answer to? All these fears consumed me for a while until things in public school drastically changed. It was not working out for two of my children and something had to change fast! We took up homeschool rather quickly. Honestly, I had NO idea what I was doing, but we all jumped in feet first. I will admit, it wasn’t a pretty sight at first. We were all a hot mess! But it was a journey that we all grew…

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Life & Lovely Chaos

Welcome To Our Adventure- Start Here

Hello & welcome to our adventure! I am very excited to launch my new blog, Life & Lovely Chaos today and look forward to this amazing journey with you all. For many years now I have considered starting a blog and after much contemplation, I have decided to jump in and do it! There is so much that I know I can share with you all and that many of you will benefit from. Of course my favorite thing of all to share are all of my recipes. I am a huge food lover- I love to cook, eat, and talk FOOD! So I am sure there will be plenty for us to connect with there. Getting to know each of you is my personal goal, so I look forward to all my subscriber emails, questions, and even input; because as I said- this is OUR adventure and I want you…

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