Educational Thoughts

Unleashing Your Full Homeschool Mom Potential

We all want to be the very best homeschool mom and home educator as we can possibly be. Often times, we work long and hard after those educating hours are over. We search, we plan, and we schedule in order to provide the best curriculum that we can for our ever-growing children. Most of us have an idea in our minds of how we picture ourselves and our homeschool journey to be and many struggle to turn those ideas into a reality. There are ways to unleash your full homeschool mom potential. However, instead of starting with a list of steps you need to take, it begins with accepting things that we often view as more negative factors. We Are Imperfect. For me, one of the hardest things about homeschooling my children is battling my own ideas of what the perfect homeschool setting should be like, as well as how…

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Dips & Sides

Mouth-Watering Stuffed Mushrooms

I have been making stuffed mushrooms for some time now. My husband loves them and they pair perfectly with anything; steak, chicken, seafood, barbecues… ANYTHING. They are just the perfect bite-sized, finger food side dish of all time!  My original recipe was great until we visited Bj’s Brewery in California and my husband ordered their stuffed mushroom appetizer. It was an instant love-at-first-taste. And since then, everything changed. I worked hard to create something similar to what they served and after many trial and errors, I created something similar that has since been the star of many meals and get-togethers in our home. They are cheesy, they are flavorful, and they are topped with a delicious homemade pesto sauce. Sometimes, when I am feeling super adventurous (or American, as my husband calls it) I top them with some crumbled up bacon before broiling these mouth-watering stuffed mushrooms. There are a few…

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Health, Life & Lovely Chaos

6 Health Boosts Every Mom Needs In Her Routine

Let’s face it, being a mom is hard. Whether you work, go to school, stay home, homeschool, or anything else… it’s hard! The day to day routines get old and those dishes and laundry never seem to end. It gets old quick and yet there is no calling in sick just to catch a break. Sure, we love our little, beautiful, chaos-making monsters but that doesn’t mean that we can’t hope and dream for a break. And heaven forbid you try to take a day a little easier- have you seen the resulting disaster?! I quiver just thinking about it. And by the end of the night, I am sitting here realizing that tomorrow I will do it ALL OVER AGAIN. *sigh* Being a mom is tough business! So every day I wake, chug my cup of coffee, and go about the daily tasks of motherhood, wifehood, and everything else…

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Life & Lovely Chaos

Oh No! Mom Is Sick.

Well, it happened- Mom caught a virus and it was a real “oh my gosh-kill me now” type thing. Where it came from still baffles me. What I thought was just me catching up on catching that flu my kids had a couple of weeks ago quickly turned into something much worse. I kept asking myself “Why me, what did I do to become so unhealthy?” as I lay on the couch day after day trying to sleep away this illness. As we skipped a week of lessons, well-rounded home cooked meals, and all of my work and college courses all I could think was “Oh No, Mom Is Sick!” Let’s face it- all hell doesn’t break loose until mom gets sick! Time seems to stop completely and things begin to pile up around the house. Nothing makes me feel worse than I do while sick than watching my house…

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All Things Products

Top 6 Homeschool Must-Haves (For Young Learners)

Homeschooling children is extremely rewarding. There are so many styles & options, so many curriculum choices, so much to plan! After all, we want our children to be well educated and teach them all that we can- especially while they are young and so full of curiosity. Where do you really begin? Alright, so maybe homeschool can be quite overwhelming. And while it’s not always easy deciding on what to teach first or which curriculum is best, there are some things that can be of great benefit to start out with. These top 6 must-haves for young learners will ensure that you are off to a great start and give you the basic building blocks to discover what works best for you and your young children’s homeschool adventure. BOB Books BOB book sets are PERFECT for children beginning to read. The stories are short enough to keep any young reader’s attention…

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Ethnic Splurges

Fresh & Flavorful Chicken Fajitas

With our Fall temperatures hitting the low 60’s I was looking for something fresh, flavorful, and belly-warming for dinner; something that really hit the taste buds. The one thing that kept coming to mind was that sizzling hot plate you get at a Mexican restaurant. Now I have had a lot of fajitas in my time, which is rather odd because I am not a big fan of bell peppers. Even if you don’t like to eat the peppers, I encourage everyone to have them at least once in their life. There is nothing like the blend of flavors you get in a good plate of fajitas. Most of the ingredients are often kept on hand as well. You can add all the color you want or if you only have green bell peppers and aren’t looking to make a trip to the store, that’ll be just fine. My love…

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Beat The Flu Quickly With No Medication

It is flu season once again and I can say that as always and on time, that evil virus has made its way into our home. The thing about the flu and having a large family is that it attacks slow and hangs around for awhile. It seems that as soon as one child is getting better another begins to get worse. Really it is a never-ending, exhausting cycle. I have always been one to believe that medication is not the best way. I have always believed that medicine suppresses the symptoms that our body gives off to tell us that there is a virus and that it is fighting. In fact, each time my children have gotten a fever I reassure them that it is a good sign because “it means your body is working and fighting hard”. Of course, that usually doesn’t offer much consolation and my heart…

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Every Day Eats

Flu-Fighting Chicken Noodle Soup

There’s nothing more soothing when you are sick than having a nice hot bowl of chicken noodle soup. Not only does it soothe a sore throat, but it warms the belly and provides a relaxing sensation. Chicken noodle soup is extremely versatile as well, which makes it so easy to customize to your families preferences. In our home, sometimes we opt for a simple chicken noodle soup while other times I like to add in a whole variety of vegetables. However, when the fall and winter seasons hit, I tend to make sure that my chicken noodle soup is packed with tons of flu-fighting backup! Unfortunately, my children (and husband) are picky when it comes to what vegetables they eat. So to make sure everyone gets the nutrients they need, my flu-fighting chicken noodle soup takes an extra, but simple, step! I begin by filling a large stock pot 3/4…

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Life & Lovely Chaos

Why I Don’t Budget On Groceries

If you search on Pinterest you will find numerous posts about budgeting on groceries. I have been amazed by some of them really, wondering to myself “how do they do that?” I mean really, I have read some articles where a family of 5 spends $200 a month on groceries- how do they do it?! For a while I was inspired to try. I was convinced that I could budget and shop in this magical way and our family of 6 could spend even $400 a month on groceries, instead of the average of $1000 we were currently spending. After all, who wouldn’t want to save hundreds of dollars- especially since we lived on a very fixed income. So many times I tried to lower our grocery spending. I tried so hard to only shop the sales and to eat less meat. I clipped coupons, compared prices, and utilized leftovers.…

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Connecting With Your Eldest Daughter

Being a mother has been the most rewarding adventure of my lifetime. I have birthed 3 beautiful children and was given a 4th blessing the day I met my husband, my oldest daughter. Raising babies was a breeze! They eat, sleep, poop, and play. Toddlers were exciting; all of their firsts in life happen and every moment was a new milestone. Children are fun! You get to teach them things, play with them, and watch their character form. My youngest is 6 and he is so full of an imagination that his older brother and sister still enjoy. But somewhere after the joys of being a child, things change. My eldest daughter turned 12 this summer, although at times I swear she is already much older than that. She is beautiful and creative and the biggest help in our home. She takes on every task when I am consumed with…

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