Must-Have Products

      *All reviews on this page are honest and from personal experience & use of products. Individual experience may vary.


Nutri Ninja Duo

ninjaThis is my favorite kitchen gadget! Or should I say gadgets? The food processor is used almost daily in our home. Not only does it make chopping those dreaded onions much easier, but I have made numerous bread doughs in it with the mixing tool (which has also made garlic cloves easier to peel). My girls and I all love the smoothie bullets. It comes with more than one cup and drink-allowing lids so we cut back on dishes and get to customize our own smoothies without having to keep washing a blender between uses. Honestly, the device is very useful and I know there is so much more I could do with this than what I already am. It is by far my favorite and most used kitchen toy!



All- Natural Hemp Deodorant- Pure Sport Extra Strength

KB Pure Essentials DeodorantIf I told you that this all- natural deodorant was anything other than completely worth it, I would be lying! Although the cost is higher than normal when considering deodorant, the benefits and effectiveness of KB’s deodorant are well worth it! It is long lasting (since you need no more than 2 swipes per pit), chemical free, and does exactly what you want in a deodorant. It reduces sweat and eliminates all odor. Plus it doesn’t clog or pollute your lymphatic system, meaning a healthier you! Aside from a mild hint of cocoa butter, there is no scent to this deodorant! Meaning your husband will enjoy it too (ask my husband). Out of all the natural deodorants I have tested, this one has not irritated my skin nor caused me any darkening. It is a must-have for everyone!

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Learn why all-natural deodorant options are best!



Genesea Face Wash

face wash

I have tried many face washes over the last 15 years and have never had one that worked as well for as long as this one. When washing it gives a warm, tingly sensation (may not be good for some with sensitive skin). After using it leaves a very soft and smooth feel across the skin. I actually had to reduce the amount of moisturizer I used afterward. I have been using since March of 2017 and don’t see myself switching brands. Follow with toner and moisturizer and exfoliate once a week for even better results

Also, try the mud mask and facial toner… You’ll fall in love!


Vivo Facial Peeling Gel

This is my go-to facial peel. I first came across this product at a mall stand. I ended up paying around $60 and fell in love. After checking Amazon, I could not believe the price- what a STEAL!

It is great for sensitive skin too! There is no peeling, no burning, and no irritating sensation. A little goes a long way too. I like that I can rub this all over my face and watch the dirt just come right off, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and so soft.



Essential Oils


Essential oils are a must have for every household. Whether you want to diffuse them or create a topical application, the health benefits of having a variety of oils is a necessity in life! I have been an obsessive essential oil user since 2015 and can say that many of our health worries have lessened in seriousness and we have rid ourselves of many harmful products we used to utilize in our everyday life since incorporating Holistic Tools into our lives.

As a Professional Aromatherapist & Holistic Health Consultant, I highly encourage those I meet to incorporate oils into their lives in ways that they are comfortable with.

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KB Pure Essentials CBD Oil

KB Pure Essentials CBD OilThis Whole Plant Extracted CBD is a must have for anyone looking for relief from pain, inflammation, headaches, anxiety, menstrual cramps, neurological issues, joint & arthritis problems, gout pain, and much more. This holistic medicine contains no THC or psychoactive effects. It is made with California Fresh Olive Oil and quality Peppermint Essential Oils to enhance the flavor. I stand behind this CBD oil and use it daily myself to promote a better and healthier me! Read more about my journey, experience, and use of KB CBD Oil & how this CBD oil can benefit your life.

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Learn more about KB CBD Oil & all of the life-changing benefits.




KB Pure Essentials Deep Relief Salve

KB Pure Essentials Deep Relief SalveJoint pain? What about sore muscles? This salve works wonderfully against all types of pain and inflammation! We have used it for things such as nerve pain, headaches, arthritis, as well as bodily pain and soreness. It works wonderfully with reflexology and acupressure points. Simply massage it to the affected area as needed. For an added benefit, combine this with a drop of essential oil targeted towards your reason for use and experience even more relief!

*Use coupon code NIK15 at checkout to receive 15% off of your entire KB order!


Notebooking Pages

This is probably my favorite homeschool resource yet. There are notebook pages for every subject, even blank pages. These make great additions to any project or child-led learning. When signing up for the lifetime membership you get dozens of other useful resources for both mom and child.




Charlotte Mason Course

This beautifully composed self- led course gives you 14 videos and examples of how to create and use nature and science journals in your homeschool. These courses are extremely beneficial to the mom interested in following a Charlotte Mason styled homeschool.

When I chose Charlotte Mason’s way for our family, I was so overwhelmed. Even her book series had me a bit worried in the beginning, with all of the information. However, this course from Joy in the Home was the perfect place to start. It follows Charlotte Mason’s philosophies and explains her methods perfectly. It was the start to a beautiful homeschool journey and years of fulfilling education for my children.



BOB Books

I absolutely stand by these sets! Both of my boys struggled with reading for years. I tried technique after technique and book after book hoping that they would pick up on reading. Nothing worked until I was introduced to these books. Although I do choose to mix the order up, these sets have been worth the investment and my children love them. If there was one tool I would recommend for beginning readers- this would be it!

*Make sure to search for “BOB Books” to view all the different sets!