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Literature Study For All Ages

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Reading literature is so important for the growing mind. Literature can provide a river of information, or it simply provides the tools to let the imagination of a curious mind wander. Although it is not something that I fully appreciated when I was younger, it is something that I have grown to love. It is something that I find myself putting above all other lessons with my children. This love for books is one of the many reasons I chose to follow in Charlotte Mason’s footsteps and bring living books into our daily routine. You can read more about how we use books as our education here. But aside from those, my children have thankfully developed a love for reading a variety of literature. So I have jumped at the opportunity of conducting a literature study with each of them..

Their fascination with books has allowed us to explore so many places and so many time periods together. We have even been able to combine our use of Youtube, the app Google Expeditions, and our new frugal VR headset with some books to further explore and educate. Often times we include art with our readings; especially with read alouds. We have even found a benefit in keeping a map book of the world to work on as we travel. (which is great to combine with Geography studies) Literature just seems to open so many doors to a growing education!

Minn of the Mississippi art
(My daughter’s art work and interpretation of Northern Minnesota. Inspired by Minn of the Mississippi)

But what about the other literature work?

What about all of the ‘typical’ work in a literature study? You know, the study portion that really connects a child to the book; the information that can help a child understand the material that was read. This part always took me a long time to gather my thoughts and put my organization skills to work. I would scour the internet for a variety of printables and the knowledge of what to ask. I would usually end up having my kids write me a book report on simple lined paper or our favorite Notebooking Pages and file it away. However, this left me feeling like they were not getting enough from the book. They were only writing to me what they felt like sharing. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing! As they got older their narrations got longer and more thorough, but I wanted them engaged even more!

So I put together a Literature Work Pack.

literature work pack

It would cover enough to ensure a variety of work for the different levels that my kids were all doing. I included activities that would compare and contrast, write, define, draw, analyze characters, and so much more. I wanted to create a variety of fun work that got my kids to think beyond what they were accustomed to. At the same time, I wanted it to be something that they could use for many years. The design is made simple. It is colorful! But I designed it to not drain all of the colored ink- colored ink is precious after all. I also made sure not to clutter the pages, which might promote confusion.

*It is important to note that I do not require my kids to complete this with every book that they read! That would make this become an awful lot of busy work. Instead, my kids are given a book list of free reads for their reading level and they choose one. When they complete that book, then they complete the literature work pack. It averages one pack for every month, sometimes a month and a half depending on the book and the speed they choose to read at.

You can get your downloadable copy Here.

It is so important as parents and educators to provide our children with the right set of tools for their education. It is essential to find ways in which we can encourage our kids to really expand on their knowledge and find an understanding of the things they come in contact with. There are so many valuable resources out there and so many options. My only hope is that you find the best tool to help you and your child really grow. And, of course, to always have a love for literature!

literature study

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