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Give Up Cable & Not Miss A Thing

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Saving money is so important when it comes to family life. After all, having four kids means never-ending, and sometimes unexpected, expenses. Bills rack up so quickly sometimes and before you know it you have to figure out how to adjust the budget and where to cut costs. In our family, the debate always came down to our cable bill; can we give up cable and survive? My husband loves cable. He has always been one of those people who wants needs all of the channels. So we always had the biggest package. Aside from this he was a huge boxing & mma enthusiast. So this meant  multiple pay-per-view events every month. After multiple cable bills near $400 we just couldn’t do it any more. We needed some way to give up cable & not miss a thing!

Give Up Cable & Not Miss A Thing

But how?

How could we give up cable and all of its “glorious-ness”. When the Amazon Fire Stick came out I was ecstatic! This sounded like the perfect thing. My husband could have all of the movies he wanted and we didn’t need Showtime or HBO or all of those other movie channels that we didn’t even use. That stick did the job for some time. However, my husband didn’t have all of the other cable channels; you know, the hundreds that we didn’t really watch (not to mention the pay-per-views). That Kodi app just wasn’t doing it anymore, was becoming a frustration, and our cable bill was back up.

We tried numerous things.

We tried having Netflix & Hulu. We tried streaming on illegal websites (because let’s admit, Kodi isn’t the greatest). However, streaming PPV events was usually a big fail. We even tried the Playstation Vuse and Sling. Nothing was getting the job done and now we were paying multiple extra bills. They were small but it was a pain to have three more bills to think about each month. It wasn’t working and I was ready to pull out my hair!

Then we finally found a way to give up cable!

We came across someone on Facebook who mentioned his television streaming product on a thread my husband was involved in. His product sounded a little more promising and the rate we were going I was all for trying ANYTHING. The great thing was that we already had the fire stick and he just needed to reprogram it with his services. We mailed it, paid the $20 fee, and began testing it out. After a few months of paying $15 a month for his IPTV service, along with everything that he added for the one time payment, we decided to buy the Amazon Firebox from him. It came all programmed and offered more storage.

Then the Mister said those beautiful words…

He was ready to give up cable. And I was so happy. He had so many channels. We could watch every PPV event and every sporting event. We didn’t need the NFL Pass or the MLB League Pass… we needed none of those other sports passes. We didn’t need any of that junk and we were only paying $15 a month! Did I mention that this also gave us so many cable channels… because the IPTV service did. Hallelujah!

Chill Entertainment IPTV PPV- UFC
Live Pay Per View Event courtesy of Chill Entertainment IPTV Service

So let me tell you how YOU can give up cable and not miss a thing!

I can assure you that this is not an ad. I gain nothing from promoting this product or service. I genuinely, we genuinely, enjoy it and it has provided a huge financial relief for our household. The service is called Chill Entertainment and there are a few ways of joining in:

If you already have the Fire Stick, Fire Box, or any other android box for streaming you simply send Ryan your device and pay $20 via paypal. He programs it with his services and apps (minus his IPTV service) and sends it back to you in a timely manner. This gives you apps similar to Kodi but WAY better. They work the same; in the sense that you stream and find a good link. But unlike Kodi, most of the links are good quality.


You can buy the Android Box from him which he sends to you programmed. If you choose this option it costs $80 via paypal. Again he programs it with his services and apps (minus his IPTV service) and sends it back to you in a timely manner. This gives you apps similar to Kodi but WAY better. They work the same; in the sense that you stream and find a good link. But unlike Kodi, most of the links are good quality.

What do you get from this one time payment?

You get up-to-date movie and tv show streaming. Sometimes you will recieve dvd quality movies before they are released. You get multiple apps to choose from for streaming purposes. In addition, you get access to his private facebook group for any troubleshooting issues. His customer service is AMAZING! There are easy updates to the device, too!

Chill Entertainment Service
Movie Categories & Some of the Movies Available With Chill Entertainment After 1-Time Payment.

But what if you want cable television channels…

Chill Entertainment charges $15 a month (or $160 for a year) via paypal for his IPTV service. Which can be added on at installation. This stands for Internet Protocol Television. With this you get pretty much all of the cable tv channels live PLUS all sporting and pay-per-view events. Granted, once in awhile a link to a channel will not be working. However, Ryan is diligent about responding if there is a service issue or walking you through any troubleshooting issues.

Chill Entertainment IPTV
Just some of the option for LIVE “cable” tv with Chill Entertainment IPTV.
Chill Entertainment IPTV Movie Channels
“Cable” Movie channels provided by Chill Entertainment IPTV Service.

After years of trying to give up cable & not miss a thing, we have all been satisfied with Chill Entertainment. We have been using this service for about two years now and he keeps updating and improving his service and product. This service alone is worth the cost if your family is a big fan of sports or ppv events (even WWE). You can watch them all for only that $15 a month. For us, this has been the biggest financial relief since it has provided us almost a $400 savings each month.

Head on over to Chill Entertainment and tell Ryan that Nikki G sent you & you will receive 1 month of the IPTV service FREE to try out!

I would love to know how your family finds ways to save!

Give Up Cable & Not Miss A Thing

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13 thoughts on “Give Up Cable & Not Miss A Thing

  1. Our little family doesn’t watch Television much. It’s been a choice for us and I honestly believe it’s brought so much value in our world.

    Our little guys will watch the odd program or movie. At the moment because they are sick it’s a little more.

    We also don’t have cable here in NZ, but I think that you are right that there are so many options.

    1. Tv can be distracting and separating. It is so important to make sure family time comes first. I find that on the days my kids are allowed a little extra tv time, they fight more.

  2. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for you and your family to give up cable. But, I didn’t have any problems giving it up here in New Zealand! Before I moved here in 2006, I didn’t have cable in Kansas and I watched all the $1 movies from the local store. Turns out, they are so behind the rest of the world here in NZ, that the movies they show are the ones I watched before I got here!

    1. I miss the video stores myself. It made watching things so much easier. Plus it was always fun choosing movies and snacks.

    1. Television has definitely taken over. I wish cable had a pick and choose bundle for their channels. I always found that to get the few channels I did enjoy I had to pay for everything else. I was thankful to be done with paying high prices for things I didn’t need.

    1. The shows have gotten pretty lame now days. But I really enjoy having the Discovery Channel and National Geographic for the kids. Since my husband is a big boxing and ufc fan, being able to watch every fight and not break the bank has been the biggest win with this service.

    1. Yes, it is nuts. Once in awhile a link will glitch and Ryan is great about getting it fixed or walking you through how to refresh things and get it back up. We couldn’t live without this!

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