On The Grill

Deliciously Sticky BBQ Ribs

There is nothing better on a Saturday night than to be outside with the family grillin’ up a feast. In our home, nights like these bring everyone just a little bit closer. The kids run around playing soccer or chasing each other with their water guns, my husband has music playing, and I’m usually enjoying a small glass bottle of wine. And when we are lucky enough, we are blessed with the company of good friends and family. Nights like these remind me of just how wonderful all the small things in life are. Even the muddy clothes and that sink full of dishes that I will dread tomorrow are a few of those small things that one day my home will long for. For now, those piles of mess mean wonderful memories were made. So what better to do than to throw some deliciously sticky barbecue ribs on the grill and…

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Every Day Eats

Super Delicious Parmesan Chicken

It is the start of a new school year again and as always, I have been hustling around the house as busy as a bee in preparation for tomorrow; just hoping to have a smooth day finally (we all know how crazy the first few weeks of homeschool is when trying to find a routine). So I needed something quick, easy, and still delicious for dinner. After all, I am in no mood to have a sink full of dirty dishes, nor a messy stove to pick up. The first thing that came to mind was my super delicious Parmesan Chicken! Chicken is a staple food in our home. It is cost efficient and cooks rather quick when thinned out. Plus it is extremely versatile; I can think of 10 things to do with chicken breasts in just a couple minutes. Preparing this dish is a 4 step process (3 just…

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Ethnic Splurges

Crispy & Flaky Tostada Bowls

There is nothing more wonderful than a well-rounded meal. I mean veggies, protein, carbs, and absolute deliciousness. I know my favorite thing for many years has been the taco salad at Baja Fresh; that crispy, flaky tostada bowl shell most of all. We used to live close to this place and I could have my splurge anytime. I would splurge like a pregnant woman with a craving! However, since we have moved out of state I have been deprived of my one true love… that tostada bowl. I have scoured Pinterest for something similar but have only found baked recipes and although good, they were just not the same. So I bought a large bottle of oil, some tortillas, and all the fixings to make tostadas and began trying different methods on the stove (since my hubby has not blessed me with a deep fryer yet.) By this point I…

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