Ethnic Splurges, On The Grill

The Perfect Teriyaki Sauce

I love chicken breasts. They are so versatile and affordable so I cook with them at every possible opportunity. One thing I love to make, and the kids all approve of, is teriyaki chicken. We often used a store bought marinade, but after awhile the taste just was not right. I wanted a more naturally tasting teriyaki flavor. For many years I have played around with ingredients and have FINALLY found the right mix for the Perfect Teriyaki Sauce. It has just the right combination of tangy and yet sweet, along with a nice hint of ginger. You can use this for chicken or beef. In fact, we plan on making some teriyaki beef next week. However, for the sake of this blog post we decided to make Teriyaki Chicken Kebabs. (I will post an alternate way to cook this if you don’t want to make kebabs). It is best…

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On The Grill

Deliciously Sticky BBQ Ribs

There is nothing better on a Saturday night than to be outside with the family grillin’ up a feast. In our home, nights like these bring everyone just a little bit closer. The kids run around playing soccer or chasing each other with their water guns, my husband has music playing, and I’m usually enjoying a small glass bottle of wine. And when we are lucky enough, we are blessed with the company of good friends and family. Nights like these remind me of just how wonderful all the small things in life are. Even the muddy clothes and that sink full of dishes that I will dread tomorrow are a few of those small things that one day my home will long for. For now, those piles of mess mean wonderful memories were made. So what better to do than to throw some deliciously sticky barbecue ribs on the grill and…

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