Field Trip Fun

Don’t Plan, Let Nature Be The Guide (Teaser)

It is so easy to get caught up indoors, especially as a busy homeschool parent. Let’s be honest- the lessons don’t always go as planned, dinner doesn’t make itself, and those chores just never end. Some days getting outdoors seems near impossible, too. So of course there are many days that planned nature studies are more beneficial. After all, most of us can easily step out back and pick a flower to dissect or find some insects to study. For me, these planned studies are often complemented with printables and worksheets. While I enjoy this type of education for my children and for the sake of my time, it is extremely important to to make time for a more natural experience and let nature be the guide.   You never know what nature will teach. The world around us is such a beautiful thing to explore; wouldn’t you agree? Any…

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