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10 Free Homeschooling Resources

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It is no secret that homeschool can become quite costly over the years. It seems that the longer you become familiar with it and curriculum varieties the more unique supplies you discover. This is what makes homeschooling so wonderful; the options for educational supplies are endless! So, with so many options, it is no surprise that the cost of homeschool can quickly rack up. But fear not! These 10 Free Homeschooling Resources will help keep those costs down in some areas.

Being able to homeschool is a blessing

When we made the jump into this journey, cost was not something that came to mind. We lived in California at the time and there were many charter schools available that would allot families funds per child for curriculum and supplies. This was great because it allowed us to homeschool four children for free! However, when we moved to Arizona I was completely unaware that those charter schools were not a thing in our new home.

Homeschool kids enjoying art time

All of a sudden the freedom of better-than-free homeschooling was gone. We began to reconsider homeschooling our children for a short period of time. Through persistence and a lot of research I was able to compile and utilize many free homeschooling resources. This allowed us to put our homeschool funds into the more fun supplies, such as science and art.

10 Free Homeschooling Resources

Khan Academy-

If you are looking for an exceptional free resource for math lesson… This Is It! Khan Academy is my go to resource when I am not using Math U See. The curriculum is filled with videos to assist in education and understanding and it moves forward based on the child’s progress. There is a wonderful parental dashboard to keep track of the student’s work as well.

Aside from math, Khan Academy offers lessons in science, art, economics, computing, and test prep.

Ambleside Online-

Ambleside Online is free online resource based on Charlotte Mason’s philosophies. But that doesn’t mean you need to follow a CM method to benefit from this website. Sure, there is a whole detailed schedule laid out for every year and all you need are the books. But the reading list is amazing! If you want to add some real living books full of education in every subject to your homeschool then the book list created and posted for free will greatly benefit you and your children!

This is the website and ‘curriculum’ that my children and I all adore and you can read more about as I discuss our love for CM, AO, & everything books!

living books

Easy Peasy-

This is a well-rounded Christian based homeschool curriculum that is free. Easy Peasy All In One offers different levels of lessons all planned out. These lessons are broken down by subject and by week to make it easier on scheduling. These can be combined with other lessons as a bonus or used as the basis of education in the home.

Free Rice-

This website has free quizzes on topics in English, Math, Geography, and more. The incentive to this website is that for every answer that is correct 10 grains of rice are donated to help end hunger by the United Nations World Food Program. My kids really enjoy the map work quizzes and knowing that they are helping a non-profit and others. Free Rice is beneficial in more than just one way.


This website is a benefit towards high school and college level ages. There are numerous courses in the subjects of touch typing, grammar, writing, photoshop, science, and so many more career focused subjects. The website Alison is very in depth but completely free. And despite most of the courses targeting career education, the math and grammar courses have been a help for me to use as a guide to teach my children. This is a wonderful resource for parents as well.

Local Library-

Aside from the obvious of free book rentals, the local library is often a great place for education to happen. Many libraries will offer courses or clubs for children to join- all at no cost to you. This can usually be found on the library’s calendar online or you can inquire by phone or visit.

A good example of this is from my own experience. Over the last few years, and our last few home locations, my kids have been involved in things such as: code club, NASA camp, Lego stem club, and biology courses. When the summer time comes, our current library tend to add more clubs and activities.

Happiness is having your own library card

Create Your Own Curriculum-

With so many options available for curriculum and educational choices, sometimes it is best to pick and choose between them all. Creating your own curriculum is beneficial for many families. Often times, it is even beneficial to opt out of any curriculum and form your own. After all, you know where your child is educationally and what they are capable of at the moment. Personally, I stopped using grade levels as my children excel in areas that differ from the set standards. There are many free resources online and many bloggers have created helpful resources. There is also a wonderful book that can be purchased on amazon called Home Learning Year By Year. This makes the perfect guide for parents to ensure they are covering all of the bases when creating their own curriculum.

Teachers Pay Teachers-

This is such a beneficial website. Many teachers, bloggers, and home educators have created resources for homeschool parents and teachers to use. There are worksheets in all areas of education and for all grade levels. While there are many that are being sold, there is a way to filter through and only view the free printables available.


Need I say much more? Pinterest is not only full of links to printables to fuel your homeschool but there are so many articles that you will come across to assist you in your homeschool journey! It is no secret that Pinterest is the holy grail of information and resources, so it is no surprise that it quickly becomes a homeschool mom’s best friend and resource.

Co-ops & Support Groups-

Co-ops are wonderful. Not only do they allow for that socialization everyone talks about, but many offer some wonderful gatherings full of educational opportunities. Co-ops vary by group and offer different things, so you will have to find what is in your area and it that suits your preference. Some co-ops will take turns teaching different subjects to the group, while others act as the field trip gathering. No matter what is in your area, your children are bound to come out of it with something educational.

Aside from co-ops, if you look online (usually Facebook) there are many pages groups tailored to homeschool families. These act as wonderful support groups where the women share a wealth of knowledge and resources.

10 Free Homeschooling Resources

No matter your situation in your homeschool journey, these free resources are beneficial! And if you have considered homeschool but are put off by the costs, then I encourage you not to push the idea aside because of cost. These 10 resources are sure to help you along your journey and benefit your children just as much as any paid curriculum. Home education is not supposed to mimic that of the traditional school system, it is meant to instill a life and love of learning that will carry on throughout life.

Finding the right ‘curriculum’ is always a trial and error effort that probably will change as the years go by. The importance is to instill that love of learning and be the foundation for the growth your children need!

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3 thoughts on “10 Free Homeschooling Resources

  1. Hey Nikki, thanks so much for sharing! This is definitely a list of resources I will be saving for my children. My two are currently under 3, but we plan to worldschool so this list is perfect to be able to use wherever we may be, ensuring our children gain a full, all-round education.

  2. I have never heard of several of the links you have above. I home schooled my 2 grandchildren last year and it was the busiest, most chaotic, blessed time I have had with them!! I love Easy Peasy, it is one of thier favorite sites to go to.

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