Educational Thoughts

Teach Geography…. Without A Curriculum

Geography is an important subject to incorporate into weekly lessons outside of a history curriculum. Not only does it teach children where places are, which is what many of us associate the subject with, but it can really connect a child to the world! Teaching geography can bring the places, people, lifestyles, and cultures from around the world to life. Along with this, children get to explore the beautiful geological wonders of the world, the many different environments begin to make sense, and historical civilizations become easier to understand. Dr. Seuss said it best after all… But who said that you needed a curriculum to teach Geography? For awhile, our family tried a few geography curriculum. However, nothing ever seemed to please everyone and after awhile, this was one area that I did not want to keep throwing money at. I didn’t feel like it was a subject in which…

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Life & Lovely Chaos

Why I Stopped Worrying About Romance

We’ve all been there… years into marriage, numerous children, and the most chaotic life one could imagine. Sure, you’ve got things down- you can keep the house decently cleaned, the lessons are done, your to-do list is half way checked off, and you only forgot to feed the animals once! By the time it is all said and done you are having a glass of wine (or three) and finding yourself too tired to have some quality time with that handsome man sitting across the sofa. If you are anything me then I am sure at some point this has caused some bumps. Sometimes those bumps and lack of intimacy can cause feelings of worry; worry that things are beginning to fail. Then comes the insecurity; what am I doing wrong? Maybe you try to recreate that old passion and lust that you had way back in the day. Maybe…

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Every Day Eats

Creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup

Winter is my favorite season. I love the crisp, chilly weather and all of the cuddles in front of the fire. I love winter so much that our family packed up two years ago and moved to the mountains so we could enjoy the snow. However, when January came around this year, we still had no snow.- *gasp & cue the sad face*. Needless to say the kids, and myself, have been extremely disappointed. But finally it happened! Last week we got a little bit of snow! I was so excited that by the time it started to fall our dinner menu for the night quickly changed and we made a quick dash to the grocery store for some snowy weather must-haves. After all, what could be better than some hot, creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup? It’s creamy, it’s cheesy, and it’s full of flavor and lots of healthy stuff! Normally I would…

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